Frozen yoghurt: Yopiu'

frozen_yoghurt-yopiu-bigFrozen Yopiù (Classic Version) is the ideal product for your frozen yoghurt.

With many year experience worldwide, COMPRITAL is the right partner for a succesful frozen yoghurt production.

Our Frozen Yopiù is the most appreciated Frozen Yoghurt mix in powder in many international markets: it has the right sharp flavour of skim yoghurt, a good overrun and the right creaminess. Our mix is fat free and with spray dried yoghurt and pre biotic fibers.

Dosage is one bag (1,5 kg)  diluted in 6 litres of milk (full fat or skimmed).for a total of 7,5 kg liquid mix. This will give aprroximately 75 small portions of 100 g each (volume depending from machine)

Part of milk can be replaced with fat free or low fat yogurt to assure probiotic count.

The final frozen yoghurt can be served as it is or decorated with our TOPPINGS, fresh fruit or the innovative system called DOPPIOSENSO (instant warm sauces for frozen yogurt).

Your Favorite Frozen Yoghurt?

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