Frozen yoghurt: Yopiu' N

froze-yopiun-bigFrozen Yopiù N is the natural developement of our Frozen Yopiù Classic for the most esigent customer.

The mix in powder is without emulsifiers and stabilizers providing a very clean lable frozen yoghurt in comparison with all your possibile competitors.

We use Fructose (natural fruit sugar) and Dextrose (natural maize sugar) to obtain a lower glycemic index frozen yoghurt mix when compared to a standard one sweetened with sugar (saccharose)

Frozen Yopiù N, as the Classic Frozen Yopiù, is fat free and with Pre Biotic fibers added. Dosage is 1 bag (1,5 kg) + 6 litres milk or, for a pro biotic declaration, 5 litres milk and 1 kg fresh yogurt.

The overall taste of the N version vs the Classic one is similar, but with a weak fruity backtaste that makes the final tartness unique and special.

Your Favorite Frozen Yoghurt?

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