Frozen yogurt: Yopiu' LF


Frozen Yopiù LF is the newest developement of the Frozen Yopiù line, where LF stays for Lactose Free (less than 0,05%).

Many people eat yoghurt because they are lactose intollerant (missing a specific enzyme in their body). Fresh yoghur has a lower percentage of lactose than milk (lactose is divided in the single components glucose and galactose during production process), besides a specific componet is in yoghurt to help our intestin to assimilate the remaining lactose.

We extimate that approximately 70% of the world population is lactose intollerant.

The frozen yoghurts on the market, being based on liquid milk and powdered milk, have the same lactose concentration of standard liquid milk (approx 5%). This means that a lactose intollerant person cunsumin a standard frozen yoghurt, will face the same health problems that would be caused by an equal amount of fresh milk.

Frozen Yopiù LF should be diluted in water and it is based on lactose free milk powders and yoghurts. Once diluted in water, the final lactose concentration is 100 times less than standard milk, or, if diluted in water and fresh standard yoghurt, more than 10 times less than milk, with all lactose coming from fresh yoghurt (that we already told it gives less problems than the one from fresh milk).

Your Favorite Frozen Yoghurt?

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