Frozen yoghurt: Smoothy

smoothy-bigIt is not a frappè or a milk shake but Smoothy is a new yoghurt based drink to realize a new product for your shop with a unique taste and appeal. It may be used in ice slush machine for a very convenient sale or simply mixing the necessary ingredients (milk, water, fruit and powdered mix) in a jar and serve in glasses or plastic cups.

This unique blend is a mix of of the healthy proprieties of milk, yoghurt, fruit and vegetables. The mix is sweetened with fructose, the natural sweetener of fruit and it is saccharose free. It is also fat free if you use skim milk, since the mix in powder have no added fats, nor animal or vegetal.Smoothy is a new healthy drink, a concentrate of natural energy that can be sold in your shop every single day of the year as breakfast, light lunch or after dinner.

It si rich in vitamins but with a few calories; Smoothy is the new healthy trend of food. This is Comprital’s answer to customers looking for an healthy and natural diet.

Smoothy can be blended with any kind of fruit, giving you the possibility of experimenting a new flavour per day. 
Some ideas? Banana and red berries to have a drink rich in anti oxidants and fight the free radicals; carrot, apple and orange for a mix rich in Vitamin C; or why not to present something new like carrot, seller and fennel, a nice mix in summer to get a nice tan.

Smoothy gives a lot of space to your fantasy but with a sole bottomline: a fresh taste completely natural.

Recipe: Smoothy base 600g, milk 2l,water 1l,fruit 250g.

Your Favorite Frozen Yoghurt?

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